Give your residents an outstanding online experience

Unlike other providers, LivingCom delivers custom managed internet solutions designed with both the landlord and resident in mind

Today, tenants’ expectations of high speed internet access mean that poor managed broadband services could significantly reduce the appeal of your property, and reduce its rental value by as much as 20%. By adding value to your managed broadband services, LivingCom helps you attract and retain tenants and enhance rental values.

tailored to your sector

Tailored to your sector

Over 25 years experience in delivering customised managed internet solutions.

Service excellence

Service excellence

Exceptional UK based support for landlord broadband and your residents.

better resident communication

Better resident communication

Communicate with your residents more effectively and more efficiently.

managed internet service

Managed Broadband For The Private Rented Sector

From in depth monthly service reports, annual reviews and the provision of marketing materials to a resident friendly Service Desk and onsite support, LivingCom will provide everything you need for a fully reliable managed internet service for both you and your residents.

support for landlord broadband

Support For Landlord Broadband

Whether it’s by phone, Twitter, Live Chat or email, our fully trained in-house Service Desk agents will be on hand to support your residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our services help you increase your incremental revenues

Today’s residents expect a flawless and comprehensive online experience. That’s why LivingCom provides a service that’s far beyond that of average managed broadband services. From entertainment to socialising, gaming to working, LivingCom provides the perfect online solution, tailored for the residential sector.

LivingCom Wifi


LivingCom’s best in class intelligent pervasive WiFi means that residents can enjoy a seamless internet connection across their multiple devices, wherever they are in their home. Plus all the help and support they need.

LivingCom TV


LivingCom TV services deliver a huge range of TV and radio channels, bringing entertainment, international channels, MTV music, news, movies and more, direct to your residents' devices.

LivingCom Pre-registration


Your residents can be fully registered, connected and ready to enjoy LivingCom’s managed internet service even before they set foot inside their home. Having their complete internet service available from day one means a great experience right from the start, plus no support staff needed.

LivingCom Noticeboard


The LivingCom noticeboard is a practical and easy way for you to communicate with your residents. Whatever they need to know about, communications between you and your residents is simple and quick.

LivingCom Cloud Back-ups

Cloud Back Up

With unlimited disaster-proof storage space, residents can automatically back up photographs and important documents every time they connect to the internet. Lost data from hard drive failure or human error is a thing of the past.

Phone Services

Phone Services

Our phone services provide a flexible and cost effective alternative to conventional telephony services with extremely competitive UK and international call rates.

Super fast broadband

Super-fast broadband

Through our national network we deliver some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, available with unlimited downloads and a quick and simple registration process. Unlike other managed internet solutions there are no hidden costs, no contract, credit checks or termination fees for your residents.

UK based service desk

UK-based Service Desk

Whether it’s by phone, Twitter, Live Chat or email, our fully trained in-house Service Desk agents will be on hand to support your residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

LivingCom gaming experience


Whether they’re casual gamers or fanatics, LivingCom offers your residents a fantastic gaming experience, providing unlimited uploads, downloads and dedicated servers.

Sky Television


Sky brings residents an amazing range of must-see movies, top entertainment and live sporting action. They create a home from home experience for your residents by offering a full range of Sky channels and packages tailored to your business.

Our exclusive deal with Sky means you can offer your residents the full Sky experience free for the first 6 months of their tenancy.

Delivering content to the heart of your community

We offer a full spectrum of unique, innovative and unrivalled digital solutions and landlord broadband designed to help you engage with residents on a huge range of issues, information and services.

Platforms at the centre of it all

Reaching your residents has never been so simple

Browzer® is a powerful communications platform designed to get your messages out to residents in a quick, effective and measurable way. At the click of a button, Browzer® has the ability to make one update and reach every resident in your property through a variety of channels including social media, web, email and plasma screens. Keeping in touch with your residents has never been easier, or more effective.

See how browzer® helps you engage with residents like never before.

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Make your first impression count

Moving to new accommodation for the first time can be a daunting, as well as exciting prospect. The way your engage with your residents before they arrive will lay the foundations for the landlord-student relationship for the duration of the tenancy. LivingCom’s exclusive Welcome is focused on creating an engaging and mutually beneficial resident experience, right from the start.

See how our Welcome can enhance your residents’ experience

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Not just managed broadband for Private Rented Sector

Once you’ve selected our services, we take care of it all from there. Our experts design your network specifically for your residents' needs. Installation includes all cabling, servers, firewalls and active components and we put your network through its paces with a rigorous functionality stress test.

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